Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have to admit it.

But I don't want to.

I'm getting old.


Double sigh.

Some days I feel like an 80 year old woman. I don't mean that my age is creeping up there, or my body feels old. I mean, I'm starting to sound like an old(er) person.

Let me tell you about some examples.

In high school and college- cars with the bass cranked, were cool and awesome. Now, bass annoys the crap out of me. Heaven forbid Dave adjusts the setting on my car stereo. He gets yelled at. I think the bass level in my car is actually in the negatives. About once a month I threaten to disconnect the receiver in our living room and throw it out because the bass just thumps. Now, I can never figure out to fix the bass on the receiver, so it makes me even more mad. I get stuck sitting and listening to the bass. Tonight, I had to shut the tv off because the amount of bass was making me mad.

Another example, in college I loved eminem. LOVED him. I would crank him up with as much bass as I could, and be happy. I would "sing" along. I had at least 3 of his cd's. Swearing? Bah! Bring it on!!! Slapping around a ho? Funny. (even funnier that my autocorrect just changed that to slapping around a Jo) I can't tell you the last time I listened to eminem. I just listened to a song by drake and the amount of f bombs in there made me annoyed. Do we really need all that swearing in music? The old lady in me says no, we don't. What I find hilarious is that maybe 1-2 years ago I listened to that stuff with gusto.

Finally, I have caught myself muttering under my breath about the idiots and dumbasses I encounter on the road on a daily basis. Now, if any of you have met my grandmother, you will know why this is kind of a big deal. She makes herself known, especially displeasure. I remember once she swore at a woman in Kmart because she butt in line. Oh, and don't even think about bingo. She gets downright nasty about losing. Lol. Makes for some interesting games. I may have uttered the phrase 'kids these days' more then once lately. But really, WHAT is up with kids these days!!! Man oh man.

So yes, I am getting old, I'm not sure I want to stop it either though.

If you need me I'll be in my rocking chair on the front porch.... Muttering to myself.

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