Sunday, June 26, 2011

Embarassment for years to come.

Just thought I should blog about this now before I forget all the awesome details and I don't get a chance to embarass Austin down the road..

My suitcase from my trip in April is still sitting in my bedroom (I'm hanging my head in shame here) and Austin got into it this morning and found probably the only thing left in there, a Tampon.

He opened the package,pulled out the tampon, and started giggling, laughing, and swinging it around by the string. He ran around swinging that sucker!! Part of me wanted to take it away, but really, It's a piece of cotton, what damage could it do? (other then the embarassing stories when he's older) So I let him play. If it flew out of his hands he laughed even harder! He was having fun.

Then he decided that it was a rocket. He kept saying Rocket! Rocket! Rocket! and tried putting it down the back of my top. Every time I took it out he would say "No Mommy! Rocket!" and put it back.

Now, he's pretending it's a crayon and is coloring all the pictures in his story book.

Oh the imaginations of kids.

*EDIT* Now he has removed it from the aplicator and has the applicator pieces on his fingers yelling "pow pow pow pow!" I may die from laughter

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