Monday, June 20, 2011

A Sunday tale

Our Sunday was lots of fun!! Oh wait, go back, start again, and read that with the most sarcasm you can think of. It started off well.

We headed down to ikea for shopping and lunch. We started out well. Lunch ended with someone not wanting to sit and spitting meatballs on the floor. I promise you that was not me. Then, that same pint sized cranky pants started, wait, continued with his disapproving no face, and pointedly told me that mommy is not cool enough to push the cart.

After we made a few stops for the spare bedroom renos. Well let me tell you. That's when the true fun starts. At Rona, he decided to pull paint brushes off the shelf. Wandered around trying to pull all the paint chips off the shelf. In the paint roller aisle he got mad at me and hit me with his puppy dog. I took it away, he cried. I said we had to move down the aisle and he refused. I had to pull him along.

Then we go to home depot. Again with the damn paint chips, he decided that he didn't want to walk down the aisle and thought if he threw himself down on the ground it would work. It didn't. I just dragged him down the aisle. I finally get what I needed, waiting to leave, pick up Austin so he would stop running away. Well when I picked him up it must have shifted his pullup because there in home depot, my son pissed on me. Sigh. So we go to leave and it is raining like there's no tomorrow. Here I am, running through the rain, my side covered in pee, austin's pants soaked, and trying to carry everything.

After that it was home dinner bath and bed. Oh what a day. Now my forearm is hurting and I'm trying to figure if it's from the stupid goofy carts from ikea or if it's from dragging my son through the home depot. Oh what a day.

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