Friday, June 17, 2011

Do I even make sense?

Sometimes I wonder this. Most of my previous posts ( some more recent ones have been done on my cell phone) occur in my bed while falling asleep. I get in bed and think, ooh! I should write a blog post. I start off great but about halfway through I start to get really tired and blogging takes so much longer because I'm dozing off to sleep or spacing out while writing some great thought provoked something or other..... Anyways, then I finish the post, hit publish a d forget to co
E back the next day to see if I made sense. So, if you are reading the blog and it starts to get a little off course at the end then I most likely wrote it in bed. My apologies.

I totally had the idea for this post because I wanted to write up a blog post but figured I would fall asleep before I was finished. Boy wan I right. I'm totally dozing right now. Haha! I'm off to bed now, thanks for reading...

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