Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Things Grow-ow-ow

In Ontario!!


Well we made it. The flight was long. Austin was so amazingly behaved. He watched some tv, had some snacks, made some crafts, put some stickers in his book, watched some more tv and finally, fell asleep.

When he did fall asleep it was about 10 minutes before we landed and it was about 9:10 our regular time. I had all our stuff and he woke up and wanted to be carried, which was impossible, which resulted in the only meltdown we had on the plane, just as we were departing. yay! He woke back up and was all geared up to pull his own suitcase again (Lightning McQueen)so off we wandered. We waited outside the plane for our stroller to arrive, and in Austin went.

Let me tell you, our stroller one handed, does not like to turn. so I stuffed his bag into the bottom, was trying to pull mine and push the stroller. It was quite the ordeal.

Fear not, we got to the baggage area, went out into the waiting area to Grandma and Grandpa, then I went back in and waited for our luggage. I was glad to be back.

I would like to randomly shout out to the lady beside us. She was so awesome. She said she is a kindergarten teacher. She understood when Austin tried to lay on her, she played with him and his stuffed monkey, and ignored the random kicks when he was trying to get comfortable. I <3 her. It also helps that when we were getting off the plane she took the time to tell me "You are such a great mom! you kept him engaged and occupied and I can tell you're really good." THANK YOU RANDOM TEACHER LADY. That right there made my day. I was trying really hard to keep him from freaking out and was so nervous that she just made the day for me.

And now I am here and having a blast! We head to Niagara Falls tomorrow for a girl's weekend!!!

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  1. You're a good mother! Take that, You-know-who!

    Glad you're back and are having fun!


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