Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Boy bed again.

I am so excited. After last week of Austin being cramped in his crib and the next few weekends being super busy I thought it would be best if we set up the big boy bed.

Friday we went into the bedroom. I've just been stacking the clothes that are too big in the corner. I've tossed the clothes that are too small in another corner. Toys everywhere. There were even a few boxes from our old office sitting in there. We cleaned out the closet. The infant bathtub and the bassinet went downstairs to go to the garage for storage. we put the clothes away, moved the clothes out. We moved the crib in front of the closet, hoping that he wouldn't completely freak out that his crib was in a new place and would accept the bed. I also thought that if we did have issues with the bed the crib could stay in the room for the next few weeks so that he would have the choice if he really didn't want to sleep in his bed. Now we were left with a big empty space in his room. What did I do??

I sat down and cried. My little baby boy is getting so big now. He's talking and walking and amazing me with his smartness every day. (he can point out his belly button, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and head) I remember the weeks and months leading up to his birth. I remember excitedly getting the crib out of the box and assembling it. Washing his crib set and putting the crib skirt on, the new mattress on, the cute rainforest animal sheet on the mattress, then the comfortor and the bumper pads. In his crib was his 2008 commemorative pooh bear and a giraffe. The rainforest mobile was hanging in anticipation of use. Everything was clean and new. It was a new beginning and anything was possible. We had an idea of what our life would be in the future but we weren't sure. There were nerves and excitement.

Then in 15 minutes all that was gone. The crib was taken apart. See, we got the 4 parts to the bed in the room, put the headboard and the sides on, then realized that we would either have no footboard/hood to the car or we would have to take the crib apart and take it out of the room. So now it's leaning against the wall in our spare bedroom.

The car definately takes up more room then I thought it would. There isn't much room left. we are going to do some rearranging soon. We will need to. The good news is that he can probably sleep in the car bed for a good 4 or more years. Unless he grows gigantically tall by his 5th birthday.

After the bed was set up (and Austin spent a good 20 mintues playing and jumping on the bed) we were off to walmart. We still had a gift card from christmas that Austin got from his GG so we thought new sheets for his new bed would be a cool gift. I was told there were Cars sheets there so we went to check them out. wow. expensive. Wasn't in our budget. So, we kept looking. We ended up buying a nice blue cotton jersey set and a striped blue light-weight comforter to match. All for $34. As I'm making the bed I realize that the sheets match the dark blue on the walls so it works out great!

I get everything washed and make the bed. We put austin down in bed and go to leave the room. He cries, Dave tells him it's ok, go to sleep. He lays down... and is out in minutes. didn't hear a peep from him all night. I got up early to have a shower before we left for guelph and went in to cover him back up. He lifts his head and looks at me when I do that. I tell him it's ok, go back to sleep. And he does. Sleeps right through until 7:15 when he does his usual whining to come get him. I can't believe how well he has managed in his bed. I'm a little excited to see what this week will bring.

The only thing now is to resist the giant urge I have to crawl into bed with him and cuddle him all night.

*I was going to post pictures for you to enjoy, however they are taking their time uploading. I started uploading when I started writing. I'm not that fast at typing. Since it's 3am I will just have to refer you to my facebook page for pictures.*

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