Saturday, June 5, 2010


Um yeah, I kind of suck at this updating thing. lol.

How about as a consolation I show you some awesome cuteness?

Getting ready for summer!

Meeting a horse up close and personal for the first time. He called it a cow. lol.
Playing with his new wagon Papa got him
This is how he winks. so adorable.
And finally, Austin loving his new big boy bed.
Speaking of the big boy bed though, I think we will be transitioning soon. He's runing out of room in his crib!! it's fine when he's all curled up into a ball, but if he stretches out there isn't much room left. This big boy bed fits a single mattress so it will definately fit him for years to come. We got it for a great deal at a yardsale. This bed is priced at aprox $400 and we got it for $50. I'm very happy with the deal we got. There are few little scratches in the bed but I think Austin will do much more damage. haha. I did feel a little bad though because as we were packing up the bed the previous occupant came and stood on the curb with the saddest look on his face that his car bed was being taken away. His mom assured him that another little boy would get to love it as much as he did. I still felt like a big meanie though.
I am diving into the planning of the Jack N Jill for Dave's brother, less than a month to go and it's lots of fun. I can't wait to get everything put together and enjoy the hawaiian themed night.
*101 in 1,001 update* Well, I've read a few books, House Rules by Jodi Piccoult, How to Teach filthy rich girls by Zoey Dean, No Strings Attached by Clare Dowling and I'm in the middle of Going it Alone by Clare Dowling. I may have some books before the Jodi Piccoult book that I haven't posted on here yet, I will have to go back and look. Dave and I had an awesome date night last week, dinner and a movie. It was really enjoyable, we went and saw Date night with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, which also adds to my see at least one movie that starts with every letter of the alphabet. That list also needs to be updated, I'm not doing to well with all my lists!! haha.

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