Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adventures in Father's day.

I was a little behind on my father's day planning, I will admit that. I didn't finally decide what Austin's gift to his daddy was going to be until yesterday. That being said, I woke up this morning with a plan and a vision of how today was going to go. This is how my day was supposed to go. Dave was gone to church and Austin and I stayed home. Around 8:30 we leave and go to michaels to buy a tshirt and some fabric paint. While we were out we would stop at Children's place since they were having a 50% off sale today. Get home, make daddy an awesome tshirt that includes some hand prints, maybe foot prints. wash up, daddy comes home, loves his shirt, Austin goes down for a nap. Do something fun, bake the perfect father's day cake using my cake decorating tips I got for mother's day, start the roast, have the in Laws over, have a fun night with lots of pictures.

Well, this is what happened.

We got up and were ready to go at 8:30am. Then I realize that it's actually sunday and stores don't open that early. I go online to check the times, michaels opens at 10. Ok, so we play for a bit then head to children's place first since I figure with a 50% off sale there may be a bit of a crowd. Get there and there is no one there, because the store doesn't open till 11. Off to Michaels first then. Get to michaels and analyze over what color shirt to buy, what color paint to buy etc etc etc. Got the stuff on sale, white shirt. Austin poops. Smells SOOOOOOO bad that I can't even push him in the cart without wanting to gag so I pull him along in the cart. Have to wait in a line (of course!) while the ladies behind us in line have obviously smelled my son as well and they are keeping a more then normal cash register line up space between us. Get outside and change him in the truck. By this time it's 10:55 so we head back to Children's place.

At some point in the morning I've realized that dave took the stroller in my car to church. No problem, right? WRONG. I don't know what Children's place pumps into their air, but every time we go in there my son runs. Runs in circles around racks giggling, laughing, and yes, screetching. Yes ladies and gents, I was THAT mom today. Because I had a choice. let him scream with joy or have a complete meltdown because I won't let him run. I actually chose a small amount of both. Grab him and attempt to hold him while he's screaming in my ear and wiggling out of my grasp. have 3 seconds of silence before he takes off runing again deliriously happy. I know what I want, we need t-shirts. I hit up the collared shirts, then hit up the regular tshirts. I am throwing stuff into a random pile I've started in between running after Austin. Basically if I see a 3T or 4T it goes into the pile. at $4.50 for the collared shirts you can't go wrong. Getting ready to go and this familiar disgusting smell hits my nose. Yup, he pooped again. Of course I didn't believe it was him so I had to check. It was so bad that I was afraid of one fall on his bum and everything was coming out. Again, I quickly rush through the cash, but this time I'm trying to hold onto him, without putting him on the counter because of my fear of the poosplosion, which is causing him to wiggle and scream. Go out to the truck and change him again. Again, such a horrible smell I want to throw up. Decide to go home.

Austin passed out cold on the way home, and we pull in at the same time as Dave. My plan for getting the shirt done before nap is gone because A) austin is sleeping, and b) I have to pre-wash the shirt first. Put austin down, start a load of laundry, clean up our room. Austin get up from his nap and I tell Dave he's been banned to the living room while we work on the t-shirt. Does.Not.Go.Well. I want to write "I have the world's best dad" then put Austin's hand prints, then below write "hands down." To start, the fabric paint marker I bought sucked. I try bribing Austin to stay in the kitchen with me by fruit snacks. he's not going for it. Dave takes him in the living room. He's not going for that either so dave puts on Treehouse. He's happy. And of course this is the time I need him for the hand prints. He screams when I get him to leave the living room. Once I have the paintbrush and paint out though he is loving it. we got blue handprints done and I'm getting the green pain ready and he starts playing with the paint. takes the lid off and tries to paint his legs. Thankfully i stopped him in time. Then as I am writing out the hands down part he pulls out the gigantic medieval times glass that dave got and while talking into it he drops it and it shatters. Dave was outside so he had no idea what happened. I'm trying to calm a scared crying child, while trying to get him to stay out of the glass and get it cleaned up.

Oh what a day. The shirt is really cute though and I think Dave likes it. Unfortunately it was such a scattered day that I got no pictures today. i'm not even sure where my camera is. Anyways I am off to bed now. Hope everyone had a great father's day!!

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