Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow

Just getting a quick update in while Austin is finishing his nap (ok, maybe he's playing with his gloworm but he's being quiet still) We've had a busy few weeks. I only have 3 weeks left of my course, then I have to write my exam!! eek! kind of nervous. however all the assignments I've done so far have come back as 10/10 so maybe I shouldn't be? Plus, I got into a craft sale at a church last minute so I did that last weekend, managed to sell over half of the cards so now I need to make more. I only have a few birthday and no thank you cards left so I have to get busy! Our church craft sale is on May 8th, and the last day for my course is May 10th, so of course everything is squished in there. lol. I'm not too worried since I only have to finish up one assignment then read the next chapter and do that assignment.

Austing seems to be getting more words out. He says socks (sox) kind of says shoes, and I think he's saying what's that and points at things. Hopefully he gets a few more out there soon.

Today we weeded the garden in preparation to plant the bulbs I bought and Austin played with the weeds I pulled out...... until I made the mistake of showing him a worm. I thought, he's never seen one, lets see what he does. I put the worm on my hand and held it up for him to see. He walked over, bent over and looked, then picked the worm up and tried to eat it. Sigh. Of course I said no and took the worm away but he kept trying to find it in the dirt after that. I do have to wonder though what he would have done had I let him eat the worm. Can you die from eating worms?? lol. I know there is the book/movie how to eat fried worms, but still... no worms for my little boy!! (at least not until he's older and I don't know he ate it. lol.)

Well, I better get upstairs and get sleeping beauty changed.

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