Monday, April 26, 2010

Houston, we have a reader!

My son is so adorable!! He's started to read. Before I would try to read with him and even get him to look at books and he wouldn't. He still will only sit for maybe 2-3 pages while I read to him but now he reads on his own. Instead of it being super quiet and me in a panic thinking "uh oh, what is he getting into?" I look over and he's sitting on the floor with a book in his lap studying every page. Then he will turn the page and go through the whole book. He got a set of Thomas the Tank Engine books for his birthday that he's just shown an interest in and will sit and read them.

He also has a thomas the Tank Engine sheet for his crib, (which is a little big for the mattress since he managed to pull it off and throw it on the floor after his nap this afternoon) and yesterday when Dave got him up from his nap he said choo choo. He also said this morning baby.

The other day he sat and read through an entire book, then looked at me and started waving the book around and talking very excitedly in his super cute babble. I'm guessing he was telling me all about the pictures he had just read.

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