Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Few weeks

I haven't really updated because I have been super busy. First we had Austin's Baptism. We had a guest list of about 60 people coming for it so we stayed busy all weekend getting ready. Then Last week I really didn't do too much on the computer.

This past weekend we went to Medieval times on Saturday. Us ladies got very inebriated and I kind of enjoyed it. We all got into the show and booed the red knight (well, my very loud husband did) and the red knight kept giving us the evil eye everytime he went past our seats. It was exciting and nice to go out for a night and not worry about babies.

Yesterday was very much a do nothing day. I had a wicked headache from all the rum I drank so we sat around and didn't do much. Everyone came back over and we had breakfast then played some Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii. Then everyone left and I had a fantastic nap.

Today I got ambitious and put Austin's highchair together. It was in so many pieces!! The stroller didn't even take that much assembly! I did get everything together and then panicked that I had an extra screw. I went through and re-counted all the screws and it just turned out there was an extra one in the package (Big sigh of relief!) I put Austin in his chair and he enjoyed it so much he decided to poo. And it went all up his back - like up to the shoulder blades. I had just put him in a new outfit he had recieved and it was green and white striped with little baby aligators on him. And he only had it on for less than an hour. Oh well, maybe next time!

I'm getting excited for April. It's going to fly by I think. Mainly because the weather will get warmer and hopefully Austin's skin will clear up a bit. Then I have an infant massage class I've signed up for so that will break the month up a bit.

*101 in 1,001 update*
I went to the zoo with Sue, Owen and Austin and I finished a book, bringing my yearly total to 2 books and one half done... I'm slowly getting there.

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