Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Year ago today.

One Year ago today was the day we found out we were pregnant.

Dave was on nights. I had waited all day for my period to show up and it wasn't there. I was talking to dave on the phone and telling him that it wasn't here yet. We both agreed that if it still wasn't there by the morning we would do a pregnancy test. Well, Dave got home at 2am and was just so excited we could be pregnant I tested then.

We sat in the bathroom waiting for the results and Dave was the one who noticed the second line starting. My first thought when dave said "I see a second line" was Wait! I'm not ready yet!!! I don't know why. We were really excited to start our family but for some reason I felt like that. It went away after about 30 seconds though.

The next thing we did was call Tawnie. Yes, it was 2:30 in the morning but I knew she wouldn't mind being woken up. I had to call twice to wake her up. When she answered the only thing I said was I see two pink lines. I had to repeat it about 3 times before she figured it out then she started screaming with excitement.

Dave got up at 9am to go to the drug store to get another test just to be sure (the second line was pretty faint) and when there was a second line on it we decided to go to the clinic to find out for sure.

Here we are one year later with our beautiful baby, almost 4 months old. Next thing I know he's going to be turning 1!!!!

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