Saturday, March 14, 2009

Craft Table!!!

I have a craft table! I had been hauling all my scrapbooking stuff down to the kitchen table for months and it's annoying me because then I have tons of stuff sitting around my dining room and if I forget something I have to keep going upstiars to find it. Now I have a table in my office for crafting. Woo hoo. I could probably even leave my cricut set up on it because I've got the space. I can't wait to get started tonight on some craft table organizing!

Also, in preparation for the craft table, our office is clean. For the first time in a year and a half it is clean. It is still a bit away from being fantastically clean like a normal person's expectations but for us, it's clean. We have a floor. wow.

Austin is growing even more, We had his 4 month dr's appt yesterday. He now weighs 17lbs even. He's definately getting heavier to carry around in his car seat. Speaking of cars.... My car has now been mommy-fied. Before you could tell I was a mommy by the car seat base. That's it. Now we have installed the baby mirror and the sun shades. Both matching rainforest pattern. lol. It's definately a bright mommy car now.

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