Monday, March 9, 2009

No Title.

Sorry, today's post is no title. I don't really think I can come up with one. I'm tired today. Very very tired. Was up late on Saturday night with Vicky and Don playing poker then up early sunday morning for church. Then, last night I just couldn't sleep. I was thinking too much (which is never a good thing at 2am) and I've been just a little stressed out lately. I finally crashed around 3:30 am just to be up with baby at 6:30.

I tried leaving him our bed to sleep while I dozed but I think I only managed it in 10 minute incriments because he kept kicking me. Then he pooped. Well that smell definately woke me up. Changed his bum, and tried the crib again. He seemed to be content so I went back to bed. Because I tuck pillows all around Austin when he's in bed with me, my nice soft squishy pillow that I cuddle with somehow smelled very badly of Austin's poop. I had to put it on the floor because it smelt so bad (and his diaper didn't leak at all so i'm not sure how the pillow gained the lovely smell...) so I didn't really get a nice sleep until Austin woke me up 20 minutes later by doing his new favorite thing.... Screaming. Not crying screaming, a hello new item i'm discovering; listen to how loud my voice can go. It's been lots of fun when he's doing it at about 5:30am... not. However, in the middle of the afternoon while we are playing on the floor his little hello screams are cute.

Speaking of cute, we have started Austin on Cereal. He's reached the milestones to start cereal and the dr said it was ok to. For the first week I fed him at 11am so that I could watch him throughout the day to make sure he was ok. Yesterday he got the cereal a little later in the day and today was back at 11am. I took video of his first cereal adventure. He wasn't a fan of the cereal, but couldn't stop shoving the brightly colored octopus and starfish bib in his mouth. Whenever the spoon wasn't there, the bib was. He is doing great though and I'm predicting more than a 1lbs weight gain when we go to the dr's on friday.

On Friday we got Austin's baptism outfit. absoloutely.freakin.adorable!!! It's white satin material. the pants have white satin suspenders, there is a white satin dress shirt, white satin vest, white satin bow tie and a matching white satin hat. I can't wait to dress him in it. Although I think we may have to hem the pant legs up a bit. the waist was just a smidgen big when we tried it on him last night but the legs were really long. I have to check our dresser drawer but I think we also need to find some shoes for him. The store we got the suit from only had white girls' shoes so we will need to go looking for something. I am about 99.9% sure I am also getting baptised that day. No one that we sent the invites out to knows about it but I figure why not. I'm very excited to have my family coming to church that day. the praise team at church is doing a double set (a performance of songs at the beginning and the ending of church) and Dave's family is performing. I can't wait for my family to see them and see just how good they are. It will be a very special sunday for us and they will be taping it so that will be great.

Anyways, I need to go to bed now. I'm soooo exhausted and know that Austin will be up in just a few short hours for a bottle. Good night everyone.

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