Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy first day of fall!

This morning Austin had to go to our local farmers markets for an opportunity to harvest the corn. (Through his beavers group) he had fun and got to bring some corn home too. 

Afterwards he got an award! 

Good job my jr farmer!!! Obviously he wasn't as excited, since we came home without the award when he set it down somewhere and it got left behind. Oops. 

Mackenzie was super excited to get a balloon 

And obviously loved toddling around while wearing it

Oh, and they got to pet a cow. 

Mackenzie was soooo gentle and nice with the cow. No hitting (thank goodness!!!) 

I'm pretty sure Austin loved petting the cows too.

What our super cute pictures don't show is how our day ended. With Austin whining he didn't want popcorn, then both of them misbehaving, so I said we were leaving. That was followed by me football carrying a crying Mackenzie out, while Austin followed along crying soooo loud that he wanted popcorn and didn't want to go home. And of course we had to walk through the entire farmers market with them doing this. 

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