Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big girl bed already?!?

Yes, already. Same thing as with Austin. We got a great deal on an awesome bed and had to get it for her. Then, I'm impatient and just really want to set it up. Haha.

We had some issues... Our house is small so we had to leave it outside until we were ready to set it up.  I carefully arranged it so if it rained, the bed would still be fine, and none of the cardboard decorations would be ruined. Then, someone moved it to mow the lawn and he left it the wrong way up so water pooled in it. Sigh. 

So, I scrubbed it down, took off the decorations and moved it inside. 

Finally after getting sick of having to move to watch the tv, I decided screw it. She's getting her bed. 

Kind of curious what is going on here

Ooh look soothers!!!! There were quite a few hidden under there!

And finally the bed was set up!!! I had washed her new bedding last week so it was all ready to go. 

Bed time seemed great. She laid down, got all comfy. 


She was excited. She was looking at all the things on the sheet set, she was bouncing, laughing, doing anything but sleep pretty much. Eventually though, she did pass out.  

The next day I continually couldn't find Mackenzie. She kept going to her room and climbing into her bed and just play on her bed.  When I put her down for a nap, I'm not entirely sure if she even napped. So of course that night went quicker on bed time.

Fast forward a week, and she's figured out how to get out of the bed. oh yay.  Last night she kept getting up and not wanting to go to bed. I did the same thing we did with Austin. Close his door. She of course got up, went to the door and started crying because she couldn't get it open. And again, I did the same thing we did with Austin. I sat on the other side of the door and told her it was ok and to go climb into bed. It was time for bed. Well, she instead decided to just lay down and sleep on the floor with her blanket. Whatever floats your boat baby. Whatever.

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