Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The day before his life changes

Before I get into my post, let me just say that I'm posting this from the blogger app on my iPhone. Yes, I know there is an app for everything, but it never occurred to me to find it. Or that it might just be slightly easier then using safari. (mainly I'm hoping it will be easier to upload pictures. Fingers crossed here!) so, this is my first post on the new app, let's see how it goes shall we?

Anyways, yesterday I kind of knew there would be no progress in baby land. But, even if there was, I wanted to try and give Austin a fun day. After all, his life was about to change drastically and he had no idea. We loaded into the car (grandpa stayed home because he had to work since he was likely not working today) and headed into the West Edmonton Mall. We left a little later then planned, so we had to re-arrange our schedule.

We grabbed a quick bite at the food court, where I had people asking me how far along I was and couldn't believe I was due last week. Then, we took Austin to see Dr Seuss' the Lorax. Dave was hesitant about going, but once I got him in the theatre he suggested splurging for the IMAX 3D version instead of the plain. It was awesome. Way better then just 3D. Very cute movie and Austin even sat through it.

Then, off we headed to do 18 holes of professor WEM's mini golf. Austin had fun despite a few moments of not listening, but he was excited that he got to choose his own green ball.

Finally, we headed home. A super tired little boy passed out cold on the way home. I'm sure he had a great day out and with me being induced today I hope he doesn't mind that he now gets to share mommy and daddy with his little sister.


  1. Yay! Can't wait for an update!

  2. IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! we took Justin last night to see lorax - he loved it too! But enough of this small talk.... I'm thinking and praying for a safe happy arrival of your beautiful Baby girl. :) remember this day and know that Oreos are 100 yrs old today! (that's important info right??) wish I was there. Hopefully I will hold that bundle soon and the boys will play. You are such a sweet friend and I'm blessed to have met you. <3
    ((((((HUGS)))))) ----- keep us posted and know I'm sending easy delivery vibes up north to YOU!!!!


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