Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A blast from the past.

Well, Since I am recovering from having our new baby girl, I would treat you guys to the birth story I wrote out from when I had Austin. I will warn you, it is long. Hope you enjoy reading and I hope I have a new birth story to share soon!

I wrote these out and posted them on the bump, the message board I belonged to. There were 3 different posts and here I am to share....

The first post, written shortly after my water broke, before we went to the hospital. (I have taken out the things that are probably too much info)

Last night I was tired so decided to go to bed around 10:30/11. I haven't been going to bed since before anywhere from 2-4am the past week. Well, com0e 2am, I have to pee, then I'm wide awake. yay. I stayed up till Dave got up for work. I'm sitting downstairs and feeling a little crampy. I had one cramp after Dave left that was so strong and painful that I thought for sure I was going to squeeze the baby out right there. I finally get out of the chair, realize that it was probaby gas pain. I went upstairs, didn't feel anymore pains. Decided to go back to bed around 6.

Somewhere between 8 and 830 I had the gas pain again and went to the bathroom. As I was about to sit down I started leaking fluid. (Which in the past week has become a normal occurance since it takes me so long to waddle to the bathroom I may have peed myself a little) I go #2 then decide, hmm maybe I didn't just pee my pants. Got up went back to bed and laid down for about 5 min got back up waddled to the bathroom, sure enough, didn't pee my pants. My water had broken.

I call Dave and tell him he better get home. I'm pretty much trapped on my toilet because I'm non stop peeing involuntarily. I then think, oh crap, my mom has her remicade today. She pretty much comes out of it stoned. Because I'm stuck on the toilet I can't look up the number so I call my father in law and get him to look up the number for me. I called my mom and told her what was going on and gave her the option to skip her treatment today or come to the hospital stoned. I realize I should probably be timing my contractions at this point but I didn't have anything to write them down with. I find a pencil and use an empty toilet paper roll to write down the times.

I then get up, get a clean pair of underwear, put on a pad. It still felt like I was peeing myself and the pad wasn't going to do me any good so I went and grabbed the laptop and am currently sitting on the toilet while writing.

The best part? Apparently I completely skipped early labour and am right into active labour because the contractions are 3-4 minutes apart. I started timing about 50 min ago and Dave will be home in about 10 min so we will be leaving and I won't be on for the rest of the day!!! Yeah, here's hoping for an epidural when I check in, I'm in a lot of pain right

Oh how I love how much I overshare on the internet. However, looking back over 3 years later there is a lot I didn't remember!

Here is my second post about the birth itself.

Austin Karl was born Nov 13th at 10:58pm. Weighed 11lbs 7.5oz, 23 inches long. All I have to say is ow. His head circumfrence was 39cm!!

When Dave got home we left immediately for the hospital because my contractions were getting hard to breathe through and they were 3 min apart. Got to the hospital and was only 2cm!! Very frustrated but they kept me because my water had broken. By this time it was about 11am. They tried to start an IV in me but I have really bad veins. The nurse was trying to get a vein to come up in my left hand while another nurse took blood from my right arm because I had elevated protein in my urine. My nurse put the needle in my left hand and couldn't get it in the vein. She then called another nurse to try and she got a vein in my right wrist but then it collapsed on her right away. They called in another nurse who finally got the iv in my right hand.

By the time the 4 needles were done I was bawling from the pain and frustration. Also the contractions were pretty bad (I guess I am kind of a and the nurse offered an epidural around 1 because the dr was coming to give it to another lady and figured she would ask so that if I wanted one soon I wouldn't have to wait for the dr (We had already discussed whether I wanted one) I said no because I could still deal with the pain but did decide to have a shot of Nubaine instead. The nubaine was great, made me really sleepy and I tried to nap a bit since I had only slept a few hours the night before. I was able to breathe calmly through the contractions where I couldn't before because I was still worked up over the IV plus the pain of the contractions. The downside to the nubaine was that it made my contractions die down. They went to about 5 min apart so the dr ordered pictocin. After the pictocin had been running for a while my contractions were starting to get stronger again and I heard someone mention that the dr was coming for an epi for someone else and decided to get it then. (My room was right across from the nursing station so I heard

Thankfully the dr let Dave stay in the room with me for the epi. I was amazed how well I stayed still during contractions but aparently the dr had to do it twice, thank god I could not feel it! After that things were great. I could still tell I was having contractions but no pain. The dr checked me around 7:30/8 and I was 5cm. Around 9 I started feeling the contractions again and told the nurse. All of a sudden the contractions were horrible and I realized that I could feel my right side of my body again. The new nurses on were trying to tell me that it was just normal but I told them that I knew the epi had worn off on the right side only. They checked me at 9:30 and the right side of my cervix was ready to go but there was still about 4cm on the left side.

Coming up to 10pm I was feeling the pressure and told the nurses I needed to push. They checked me again and I was fully dialated. I started pushing at 10 and baby came out at 10:58. Because his head was so big though it was crowning but then receding more than normal. Another dr came in to help out because my dr was delivering in the next room over but ended up getting Austin stuck so they had to call for my dr and apparently her plus a million nurses came running into the room to deliver me. Within a few minutes of my dr coming in Austin came out. My mom kept saying look at him but there were so many people I couldn't see. When I first saw him I remember saying "Holy crap, what is he, a year old???" By the time Austin was born my epi was pretty much all worn off and unfortunately no one told my dr and she started my stitches. I was just told it was a 2nd degree tear but Dave thinks it was about 13 stitches. OMG they hurt. Yeow. Thankfully though they got me sewn up and everyone came in to see us. Apparently I looked pretty good for just giving

It's crazy the things you forget after having the baby. I blocked out the protein in the urine thing. I've even told my dr that I had no issues with protein. I've had quite a few issues with protein in my urine this time around and the dr has been monitoring it. I didn't even remember the issues in the hospital. Thank goodness for modern technology. And finally, a bit of Austin's hospital stay in story as well.

Poor Austin is very happy to be home now, he had quite the few days. First, because of his size they had to monitor his blood sugar so they had to prick him in the heel before 4 different feedings. He was a trooper though and didn't cry, just fussed a bit. Then, he was very mucousy so every time I tried to get him to latch he would start gagging and bringing up mucous. He really didn't eat much the first day but the nurses said until he brings up the mucous his stomach is full anyways. I had a very hard time getting the latching down and ended up with my nipples blistered.

Some time during the friday afternoon and night shift one of the nurses had said that he had jaundice and ordered blood work for saturday morning. Our day nurse was the first person who told us this info on saturday. DH had no idea that Jaundice was very common and was really worried thinking something was wrong. The blood work came back with a high level and the dr ordered him to go under the phototherapy lights. Dave was at home getting the house ready in hopes we would get to go home saturday and my mom watched Austin while I went and had a shower. By the time I got back from the shower they already had him under the lights. I have to say it's a good thing my mom was there, then some friends showed up because all I wanted to do was cry when I saw him under the lights!! He had to wear a little mask over his eyes and couldn't wear anything but his diaper. The only time he was allowed out of the lights was to be fed then had to go back under the lights right away. I felt so bad for him!! When DH got back to the hospital I think he was also fighting back the tears.

Also saturday because I was still having some troubles getting Austin to feed we had decided to supplement with formula. Even after having him on my breast he would still take anywhere from 30-40 ml of formula so he was obviously not getting enough from me. I started pumping as well as breast feeding and supplementing. My breasts were very sore and blistered right away. We're starting to get the hang of breast feeding now though but I have a feeling we are going to have to supplement with formula tonight.

We were hoping to come home yesterday but the dr and nurses wanted me to stay another night just to get a bit better because I was still walking badly after all the hip/pelvic pain I had before baby came. Since we were staying anyways we kept Austin under the lights so when they did the blood test for his jaundice this morning it was much better than before.

My lady parts are definately a little tender. I am completely swollen shut down there but it really isn't that uncomfortable to sit. My stitches are starting to get itchy so yay for healing!!

And there you have it. If you've continuesd reading this long, thank you. Hope you enjoyed this birth story.

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