Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Too bad it's not real

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This lovely beach picture.

Today we bought passes for the west Edmonton mall. Earlier this year you may remember we bought a 3 month pass and used it like crazy. We were easily at the mall 2-3 days a week. *for those of you that missed my post in Feb, a single admission to the water park is $30ish. A multiplay one day pass that gets you into everything (watermark, amusement park, sea lion show, aquarium, mini golf, bowling, etc) is $59. We got a great deal during family day. We had to buy a 4 pack of 3 month passes, and each pass worked out to $56 per person. Austin being under 2 was free, so we had our friend Lindsay and my mom take the other passes.* this time I studied te prices and based on our past use (2-3 times a week at a cost that should have been $59 per visit) we decided to splurge for a 1 year pass. Yes, it was a lot of money today, but even if we come once a month for the next 12 months, we will get our money's worth. The cost equalled out to $175 per person, and sadly Austin being 3 now he had to have his own pass. I just keep telling myself that we only need to use our cards 3 times to pay it off. 3 times in a year is more than manageable. Especially since Austin loves the water slides and mini golf and watching the sea lions.

When this new baby comes I won't be able to do the water park with Austin alone, but there are enough other activities like the aquarium or mini golf, or even the amusement park on things like the carousel.

As I type this Austin and daddy are off playing in the kiddie pool on the watersides, while I am sitting in a beach chair with my toes in the wave pool. I'd say this is a great way to spend a tuesday.

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