Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pet peeve

I just need to get this pet peeve out. We decided to take in candy cane lane in Edmonton this weekend. It was a nice warm night for walking. Basically, it's 8 blocks of houses decorated with lights and other Christmas items. It's been going every Christmas since 1968. I couldn't even imagine. Anyways, we parked and started walking. Like I said it was a great night to walk. You can drive but they prefer that people walk. I have no issues with those who chose to drive..... Except those with the following kids. Or I guess I should note people with the following young kids. I kid you not, while walking I saw....

A rather large pick up truck. With 2 children standing on the back seat with their heads out the sunroof. Or the kid hanging halfway out the back window of a car. Come on people!!!!! I don't care if you are driving 1 kmph. You can still get into an accident and your children could get seriously hurt. I wanted to just start yelling at people to buckle their kids up!!!! This wasn't a one way, do 5km/hr and everyone doing the same thing. It was a still fully functioning road with stop signs and 2 way traffic and side roads. It's just not a smart thing to do!!! If your kids can't see the lights while buckled in, then walk. Don't put your child's life in danger.

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