Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here we go.

Alright. I finally have a few minutes to update here. I have some pictures from Robin's bon Voyage party, from camping in Buffalo, some new ones of Austin and some of the baby shower for Adam and Helen.
I've been back and work and it's really boring, mainly because I know almost everything. The last few days haven't been too bad because we are doing the new stuff that was coming out just as I was leaving so I am actually learning something but I think that's the only thing that has really changed so I think I will go back to being bored soon.
Here are some pictures.

Austin with Robin's brother, and a very unhappy baby.

Me and Robin!!!

Robin and Austin.
The Torrential rain we lived through that flooded everything while camping.

Me Sheena and Vicky!

Austin sitting in his new car seat and one of his 9 month old pics

More 9 month old photos
Pondering the facts of life while sleeping.

The mom and Dad to be and their cake.

Opening presents.

Adam with his doll during the change the baby relay race and Helen with her bows.
There you go, finally some pictures. I tried to take it easy on the pics and only upload 5 from each event.

I have to say that I love my iPod alarm clock but I find it's getting too much interferance. If I have my cell phone too close to it and I get a message or a call it scrambles the clock and the time changes to 1pm and my alarm is re-set to midnight. Weird. You can also get a remote for it. I've been using the laptop in bed with me lately and something from the laptop is acting as the remote because the volume will randomly go up and while starting up the laptop the other day the iPod randomly came on with a sleep timer of 90 min. It's kind of funny now.

*101 in 1,001 update* I have finished 2 more books.. oops, sorry, 3 more books. Bright lights big ass (i think, or else that's the one I haven't started yet...will have to check) Tulle little tulle late, and velvet rope diaries. I'm just starting the new Janet Evanovich book, Finger lickin 15 and predict I will be done it within a day or 2. I also went somewhere other than ontario and quebec, I went camping.

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