Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day.

Happy Valentines day (well yesterday since this post is at 12:45 am) We really didn't do anything. I told Dave if he was going to get me anything then to wait until next week when the prices aren't ridiculously high just because it's v-day. Dave started off the morning with napping on the couch. We made lunch, took some pictures, then Sue called and Austin and I met her at the mall for some shopping. (I just browsed) I came home, we made dinner then we went to a games night with the church group.

I was a little unsure about going because until I met Dave I had only gone to church a few times and didn't remember anything I learnt there. I still haven't read the bible because it kind of confuses me. I'm trying but it's kind of hard to wrap my head around it. I need the bible for dummies or something. It actually was a great night though. We had deserts and games. We laughed. I'm really glad I went and look forward to going again.

Tomorrow I think we are headed to the superstore. We were at one of the superstores the other day and they have a big clearance on their Joe line of clothing. We got some fantastic deals!!! I got a pair of boots for Austin that were reg $16 for $4.94. A pair of shoes that were reg $10 for $1.94. Both of them are still too big on him but for that price? We had to get them for later. We also got a touque that was on clearance for $0.94, a cute sweater vest that was $2.94 and a pair of pants that were $3.94. I've gone through and finally completely organized all of Austin's clothes. We have tons of 6 months clothes and tons of 12 month. Not really too much in 9 months so I've been trying to stock up on that size so it's not such a shock when we need more. While browsing today I was very good and didn't give in to the sales at Old Navy or the baby Gap. Austin has a cute button up shirt right now but is rapidly growing small. I really want to get him at least 2 that are a bit bigger so we have something to wear to church or dressy occasions. (Yes, I know he's only 3 months old and it doesn't really matter what he wears but all he has is sweat suits or somewhat good looking clothes but not too much that is dressy.)

I think that is all for today, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!!

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