Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New phone!!!

We had to go phone shopping today. Dave washed and Dried his cell phone last night. It was beyond dead. He hasn't even had it a year yet so we would have had to pay a whole lot to get a new one. Well just last week we were talking about how I didn't like my phone anymore. I text a lot and it's very hard to text on that phone. We decided that we would get me a new phone and dave would take my phone since he really likes my phone anyways. We went looking and decided on the new blackberry flip phone..... In pink! I still haven't figured out all the features on it but I have been texting up a storm today and it is so much easier. Although I do have to get used to the letters because they are all spread out, not 3 letters per number anymore.

Well I'm headed downstairs to play with the phone!

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