Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trip Day 4

Today Sucked. I am not going to sugar coat it. It sucked with a capital S.

I woke up feeling great, we got everyone ready for breakfast. The kids were getting antsy and I still had to pee. I told Dave to go ahead, I would catch up with them.

Suddenly I got the chills. I could barely grab toilet paper because I was shaking so hard. I tried so hard to get the chills to stop, but I just couldn't. Finally I made my way towards the window with the warm sun shining in on me while I wrapped myself in a fleece blanket. I sent Dave a text telling him not to wait for me. He came back to the room, bundled me up in bed, gave me some aleve and kept the kids out of the hotel room for me. I slept off and on all day. 

(Austin came back to the room for a nap and cuddled with me)

Ordered some of the most expensive room service I've ever had, but couldn't even finish it.

Gathered enough strength to go to the buffet for dinner. And had a few bites then felt sick. UGH.

We watched some TV in our room, and everyone went to bed. Of course because I had been sleeping all day I was awake, so I alternated between reading and people watching out our window.



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