Monday, June 10, 2013

Trip Day 5

Day 5! Sunday May 28th!

This morning we got in the van and started our way to Sunny California! Again, I slept a lot. I also read a lot. (I finished the Hunger games series in about 3 days)

Today our plan was to head to Legoland once we got to Carlsbad. We ordered our tickets online, got 20% off and a free second day, but had to put in our first visit day. The downside to that, was by this time I had most of my energy back, but Stephanie, was just getting hit by the bug.

We still went to Legoland, but only did the Aquarium attached to it. We went through the aquarium, had lunch, then took the short not even 5 min drive to our rental house. I was surprised at just how close the house was! And the house was so beautiful!!! Such a great place to spend a week at!




And, some beautiful house pictures, because well, they are pretty!


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