Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 2 & 3 roadtrip

This morning, was way too early. Someone decided she wanted to wake up around midnight. That someone was Mackenzie. Dave and I put her in bed with us and she tossed and turned and cried.
And cried. We knew the hotel walls weren't very soundproof so we gave up around 4:30 and started getting ready for the day.

We were all ready to go by 5, which was just as breakfast was put out. Bonus! We ate breakfast and were on the road by 6.

My one thing about this trip, is I knew we would be eating a lot of fast food while driving. I also know that the States have a lot of fast food places we don't have in Canada. I wanted to try them out! I did not want to eat McDonalds for 3 weeks straight. No thank you. So today when we started to get hungry I started looking for new places to eat. We stopped about 12:30 for lunch and we tried out Jack in the Box. Dave got a burger and said it was nothing special. I got the chicken burger, thought maybe it could use more sauce but, I am very much a sauce person.

When planning our trip, my friend Sara offered for us to stay at her place one night. Since we were driving right through her town, we figured why not!

We had such a good night talking and chatting. It was great to visit and catch up since I haven't really spent time with her since highschool. We had a few drinks, and I could not figure out why they hit me so hard. We headed to bed about 10:30
(The amazing view from the guest room)

The next day (Day 3) I figured out why the drinks seemed to hit me so hard. It's because I was getting sick.

I woke up that morning with the chills. I had a sore throat for a few days, but I honestly thought that it was just because of me finishing my penicillin. I mean, there were so many germs going through the house before we left. I thought maybe I had caught yet another germ right at the end of taking the antibiotics, and the sore throat only came on after I had finished because the drugs didn't knock it all out. That's what I thought. That is until Dave decided to share with me that he has had a sore throat for a while and he wasn't feeling so well on day 1 of the trip.

I slept 90% of the drive from Orem Utah to Las Vegas.

But, the bit of time I was awake gave some amazing views. The red rock canyons, so pretty!
(we were in Arizona for a whole 25 minutes!)

Look closely in the background. It's Vegas baby!

We finally got into Vegas around 2pm and headed straight to the Mirage hotel to pick up our tickets to the Beatles Love, the Cirque De Soliel show. Then drive down the strip taking in the sights to our hotel, the Excalibur.

Get all settled in our hotel room, and yes, having fun while we were at it.... lol. I have a quick shower then we go wander around the hotel. Prior to the trip Dave and I have been playing MyVegas on facebook. We earned enough points (all free to play the games to earn the points!) for each of us to get an All Day Buffet pass.(Saved us $70!) We went to the MLife desk and picked up our vouchers. Since it wasn't a 24 hour buffet like I thought, but instead a full calendar day buffet, we just hit the food court in the upper level of the hotel. Ate, wandered, then Dave and I had to head back to our room to get ready for our show!!!

Get downstairs and hop in a cab and back to the Mirage we go. The show was amazing. Because of my sore throat I had ordered a fizzy pop drink as well as a bottle of water to drink. I figured I would drink all of it and then some. The show started.... and I didn't even touch my drink. I was just staring and singing and seat dancing a little bit. maybe... lol. I loved the show so much. And I would love to go back, because there is most of the time, so much going on that it's hard to see everything.

After the show, despite being soooo tired from being sick and not sleeping, I told Dave I really wanted to go for a Gondola ride. Off to the Venetian we go.  Funny story. lol. We spend some money in the Casino at the Mirage waiting for the Taxi lineup to die down a bit, finally go get in the line, make friends with some Prince loving ladies, get in a taxi, tell the driver we want to go to the Venetian. He informs us it was right across the street. Boy did I feel stupid.

We walk over to the Venetian, finally figure out where to go for the rides, only to find out they are closed for the night. Super sad face. I tell Dave that I am not walking anymore, I feel like my legs are going to give out. We hail a cab and get back to our hotel. We were in bed by 11pm. As we drove down the strip back to our hotel Dave took a whole bunch of pictures on his cell phone.

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