Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Starbucks refreshers

So, while waiting for Dave to pay at target when we were on vacation I saw the Starbucks refreshers in the via packs. All ready to go home with me!!!

The refreshers drinks? Best thing Starbucks has come out with. Low calories, (I usually prefer frappuchinos over hot drinks, so for me, way lower calories!) still has the jolt of caffeine every mom needs, and tastes good!

So of course I bought some. Even after texting my Starbucks obsessed friend to see if we had them in Canada, I still only bought one pack of each. I have no idea why. Also, I didn't make them until I got home so I couldn't realize they actually taste just as good as in the store and I needed to stock up.

So, I mixed it up. I did the lime first, because as much as I love berry the lime refresher drew me in. Now, there is apple in the lime one. I had no idea that was the flavor I was tasting. That was the thing about the mix at home packs, it wasn't as limey as at the stores. I assume it's because I didn't have fresh lime to cut up and put in there. You can really taste the apple, and it's good!!!

Today I mixed the berry hibiscus one up. I really can't compare it to in store because like I said, I just couldn't stop ordering the lime ones and I haven't had a berry one in at least 6 months. But, it was just as good as the lime.

The bonus of these drinks? They don't taste like gross aspartame. I love adding some flavor to my water, but if I drink too much the aspartame gives me a headache and all I can taste is that stuff. I know this stuff isn't a water enhancer, but damn I think all the flavor packs in my cupboard are going to find a new home.

P.s. I was not compensated for this review. Before people think I just wrote this because I was paid. Nope. But hey, if Starbucks wants to send me some more I would be very happy. Especially since you know, Canada isn't as blessed to get them in the stores. :(

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