Thursday, April 4, 2013

A totally kid centered day

You guys will never believe this. But today, I spent just shy of 6 hours in chuck e cheese. I honestly can't believe it.

My husband took the baby to Ontario to visit for a few days. (she flies free, and thanks to airmiles, so did he) I'll be honest, with my husband's work schedule one on one time with Austin doesn't happen often. Ok, it happens very rarely.

So, since he seemed a little bummed that he couldn't go with daddy to see all his grandparents, I told him we were going to have a super special mommy Austin day.

So we pulled up to chuck e cheese about noon. Went in, got a table. Ordered our pizza, ordered my all you can eat salad bar, ended up with 125 tokens.

I gave Austin 20 or so tokens then have him sit to eat. 20 more, 20 more etc. We finally make it through all our tokens around 3/3:30. It's still not busy there and I was having fun playing games. So I went and bought another 115 tokens. We played, he went and played in the jungle gym a bit. 4:30, he starts digging into the left over pizza, I go up and get another round from the salad bar and think, perfect, now I don't have to worry about what to make for dinner! Score!

By the time we get all the tokens spent, all the tickets added, and all the prizes oh so carefully chosen, it's 5:45 when we walk out that door. 5 hours and 45 minutes spent at Chuck E Cheese. And I will be honest with you? It really didn't seem like that long! I felt like there have been other times that I've been there and the day just drags on and it feels like it's been about 12 hours when it's only been 30 minutes.

After we left, we stopped to visit a friend of mine who works at a Starbucks by Chuck E Cheese. I then thought, if we drive home now, Austin is going to fall asleep, have a 30 min nap, then be wide awake when we get home. Or I can keep him up, and we can go play with the trains in chapters.

My kid played with the trains, the legos, the plasma car, and anything else left out for kids. He played nonstop and was happy about it. We ended up leaving Chapters around 8pm. perfect. he fell asleep in the car and I put him right to bed when we got home. I suspect he had an awesome day, because really. If you were 4, would that not be a perfect day?

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