Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stand Back

I'm setting all the damn germs in this house on fire.  If one more person gets some sort of illness, you may find me in the corner crying in the fetal position.

First, Austin got a Cold. Then he passed it onto me. Yay!

Tuesday I dropped Austin off at school, then went to the gym. I was just finishing at the gym when I got a text from Dave. Mackenzie just threw up. Everywhere. UGH!!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were filled with her throwing up and blowing out her diapers. Every.single.time. We had to bust out the next size up pj's just to keep up with the speed at which we were blowing through clothes.

While dealing with her, Austin snuck under the radar. He had a very mild fever, complained of a headache, then wednesday had super red cheeks. I thought maybe it was really dry in our house since his skin is usually my first indicator of needing to crank up the humidifier. Thursday I went to get him into his pj's and BAM, head to toe rash. Yeah, that's  fun. Off to the dr's. Sidenote - Even more fun, our town doesn't have a freaking walk in clinic. Unless I wanted to wait and take him in after 5:30 pm.

3 hours later and we're done in the dr's. Austin has Fifth Disease. Ooh double yay! Thankfully, once he breaks out in the rash he's no longer contagious. But anywhere from 4-28 days previous he was. oh man. I let the schools know, I let our friends and neighbours know.

Friday? Despite still puking, Mackenzie now also has the cold and is sneezing and stuffed up. By the way, unlike her brother, she has none of it when I try to remove the goopy snot from her face. Screaming and yelling. Sigh.

And then we get to Saturday. In the morning Austin filled me in that he didn't feel good, and spent all day puking, pooping, and sleeping. The furthest he's gotten from his bed has been the bathroom. Let me tell you this, Austin is starting young with the man sick. Oh my. He could not do anything for himself yesterday. Despite getting to the bathroom, he asked me (in the saddest most pathetic voice) to carry him back to bed.  Also, every time he puked he was convinced he needed me to rub his back to help it get out.  This is the point that I publicly apologize to my mom. I was also that kid. If I was throwing up I wanted her there with me. I don't know why, moral support? No idea. But if I ever threw up, the first words out of my mouth were "Mooooommmmmmmmmmm" Even after moving out, I would call my mom and complain I was sick. Yeah. I have the female version of the Man sick. That Nyquill ( I think) commercial where the sick guy says "Pam, can you call my mom?" Cracks me up so much. Because I have uttered those words to my husband. "Dave, Can you call my mom?" I'm in so much trouble with Austin.

Also Saturday, Dave called from work to let me know that he was up at 1am puking non stop.

Have I mentioned, we are going on a road trip? Vegas, San Diego, LA, Disneyland.  Yeah, we are. In only a few short weeks. This sickness crap, it needs to stop.

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