Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh dr's

My prescription was getting low so I called and made an appt. my dr isn't in until September. In my head I'm thinking "of course!" I am not kidding, in the past year I've only seen her maybe 2-3 times. Every time I call she's out of the office. I've met some other seems nice dr's in that office thanks to my dr never being there. But anyways. So I tell them, it's just for a prescription refill, can they call it in? Nope, my dr has to be the one to call it in. Fine. Kind of a waste of time. I will go in, sit, yes I'm feeling happy, no I'm not feeling depressed, doing good, thanks for the prescription, see ya later.

I made an appt for 5:10 (who knew they even saw patients that late?) I get to the office at 5:03. And sit and wait. Finally at 5:35 I was called into an examination room. And I sit and wait again.  Finally at 5:55. This appt is for more depression medications. So finally the dr comes in. I tell him I need a refill. Then he asks "how's your mood?" my answer is great, but in my head I'm thinking it was a lot better about 45 minutes ago and now I'm pretty cranky. His next question made me laugh (internally) as he says "any bad thoughts?" yup, but only towards this medical office doc. But thanks for asking.

Now I have to go and take one of my damn happy pills before I have to make another appt with my never there dr.

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