Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 5 months!

Yes, we're here at 5 months already. What the!?!?!  I also realize I never did post the 4 months and my camera seems to have gone missing. I will try to dig it up again after bed time tonight. Until then, enjoy some 5 month old adorable Mackenzie!!!
Sadly, this shot is a little blurry, but with either the iPhone or iPad as camera options this is what I'm working with.

I love the face, but her ear was bent foreward on the pillow.

She gave up on sitting back on the couch and wanted to explore!
There is really nothing more to say about this. How adorable is she?

And off she goes.

Mackenzie is doing great. After not needing to bottle feed her for a few months she decided she would absolutely not take a bottle. Nope, no way. At least not from Dave or I. The babysitter, she would take maybe an ounce. That's about it. So, we did a bottle crash course. I still breastfed her at 6 am when she got up and at 7pm when she got ready for bed. In between, well it was a battle of wills.

The first day, she only ate 1oz until bedtime. the second day was much better drinking 5oz. The third day was like there was no bottle training happening at all and drank like a champ. Since then I've been keeping up with at least 1 bottle a day. This will make it so much easier with Dave being home and also us on vacation and my epic upcoming girls weekend in September.

This past week sucked. Like super sucked. Dave is still up north at work and I am home with the kids. Mackenzie had been cranky and on sunday she got a low grade fever. I chalked it up to teething. Monday the fever was gone but she was still cranky. Monday night before bed I noticed her throat was a little red, I figured from all the crying she had been doing. Tuesday we ran to walmart to pick up school supplies for Austin (sob!) and I noticed she had red spots in her mouth. Off to the Dr we went. While we were waiting to be seen some of the spots turned into what looked like cankers. She had one on her lip and one under her tongue. She could have had more, she wouldn't let me near her mouth. The dr took one look inside her mouth and said "it's herpangina"

What is that you say? Yeah, my thought too. It's a virus caused by the same virus that causes Hand Foot Mouth disease. Except, nothing on the hands or feet. And I thought she was cranky the past 2 days. As more and more sores developed and reared their ugly heads she cried and screamed in pain. I alternated between advil and tylenol per the dr's orders. It really didn't do much. She slept from 7:45-11pm tuesday night then screamed for 2 hours straight. Only stopping to breathe. Oh it sucked.

Thankfully she seems to be on the mend and back to her happy self, as  you can see by the pictures I took today. Yes, 3 days late, but if we took them on her actual 5 month birthday they all would have looked like this-

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