Saturday, October 8, 2011

My little man

He cracks me up daily.

He likes to help grandma wash her windows..... By licking them then wiping the spit around.

The other say he was running around in circles in the living room and yelling "going too fast! Going too fast!"

He keeps singing "Toopy, that's me!" over and over again.

And well, his a,b,c's are awesome. The whole some consists of the letters a,b,m,n,o,w,x,y,z. Sung in the tune of abc.

This morning I was trying to get his pants on and I wiggled him. He said to me "mommy shake my booty?"

Oh my child. He cracks me up.

I think he's starting to realize that there is something up with mommy. Before we talked about a baby and he seemed to get it, but the last few days he's been so cuddly with me. I am not complaining. He usually tells me to go when I try to play or cuddle with him, so the cuddles are awesome.

We've got to get ready for thanksgiving dinner so I'm signing off!! Hope everyone has a great and pumpkin filled weekend!!

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