Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labour Day!!!

To celebrate we had a bbq with some friends over. It went over very well and I made some a-maz-ing desserts which I will share in another post.

Anyways. It was all fun and games until something landed on my sunglasses and without thinking I gave it a swat. Well, it was a bee. and that swat sent it right down my shirt. Of course, I panic, I'm sure the bee was panicking. The jerk stung me. Best part? right in the cleavage. I'm freaking out now. Trying to get the damn thing out of my shirt before it stings again. Sadly, I may have knocked over my friend's 1 yr old daughter. I ran in the house and flung my shirt off. Then made my way to the bathroom. This is where I note my husband had all the windows open and the back door that opens into our next door neighbour's yard. I have probably scarred them for life.

Yeah, not cool.

Don't forget, I'm pregnant and hormonal. I was a crying bubbling mess. (insert embarrasment here) And hey, why not add the fact I had an extreme allergy to bees as a child. We've only tested the "grown out of the allergies" theory once before and it turned out pretty well, but I did get drugged up with Benadryl. I was freaking out today about having an allergic reaction and we were trying to figure out if we had benadryl and if it was safe to take during pregnancy. Of course, we don't have any.

The good news? I'm still alive!!! I did swell up a bit, slightly more then when I get mosquito bites. And the area is still sore and red hours later. But I didn't fall over and die from the sting and I survived without any drugs.

So yeah, happy labour day. I hope your day was slightly less eventful then mine.

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