Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My house.

Looks like this right now.
It's not pretty. Lots of packing done and a bit more still to do. Unfortunately in that still to do list is my craft stuff. NOT looking forward to packing that up. I know I need to move less then I have, but how do you turn your back on your supplies. haha. ok, I'm being dramatic, but that is going to be a huge daunting task that I'm kind of afraid of.

Tonight I packed up Austin's toys. He was at my mom's so I figured I would take advantage of that time and do his toys. Well, it was a disaster. He came home halfway through the packing. He kept trying to pull his toys out of the boxes and was crying hysterically like I told him he wasn't allowed another toy for the rest of his life. When I tried to move him away he was trying to climb over me to rescue his toys. o.m.g. it just broke my heart. Then, I put him to bed. Even though he was yawning he wasn't going to bed. I could hear him walking around his room (for over an hour and a half) opening the closet and the hood of his car bed checking for his toys, then going to the door and crying. I finally laid him down and sang to him until he fell asleep. I really wish he was old enough to understand what is going on and that he will get his toys back in a few weeks when we're all moved.

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