Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almost time!

Well, this will be my last post from my laptop in my house. I've taken a quick break from packing to write my last post here before I unhook my internet. Our house is sold as of tomorrow and most of our things are packed and gone. We spent our first night at my mom's last night.... it wasn't fun. Austin definately needs time to adjust. We'll see how tonight is.
I'm slightly sad about the fact that I won't be pulling into my driveway tomorrow, or ever again. it's weird to think about it, but on the other hand I'm getting very excited. We've purchased a place and get posession Nov 1st. I'm pretty excited. I can't wait to see it! lol. I've seen pics online and Dave has seen it in person and he said that I will like it so I'm getting excited to get there. There are a few things I'm very excited about.... such as, the toy room!
Also, I'm super excited about this little area, which will now be known as my scrapbook/craft/business area.
Finally, I think this is going to be awesome to play in next summer, and I can't wait for Austin to be able to get out in the yard and actually be able to run around!
My big plan for after moving is to actually start working on my Creations by Kristin stuff. I have an etsy store but I haven't put anything in there to sell yet. I'm going to start creating a bunch of different things to put in the store and really focus on that. I think that will help me a lot with being in another province by myself without my family around. I will try to update and post things on my blog with whatever new things I have.
I have to sign off now, but I will make sure to get online and update for our drive across Canada!!

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  1. gorgeous house, i'm so excited for you! more pictures please!


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