Monday, January 7, 2013

Take me out to the ball game.....

We are Toronto fans in this house. Growing up my dad was a Toronto fan so I was used to listening and watching Blue Jays games. Actually, my dad is still a big Blue Jays fan. He has the trading cards, the memorabilia, the tattoo, (yes, a tattoo) jewelry, and even Blue Jays licence plates.

Dave's family is also a Blue Jays family. They may also be hiding a Blue Jays tattoo somewhere but I'm not so sure about that. Austin's first Christmas Uncle Brian ordered a Blue Jays outfit for him. I believe it came after Christmas. So Austin was about 3 months old. The outfit was ordered in a size 12 months, because, well, Austin was a huge baby. 

That outfit? Was no 12 months. It didn't fit him. As I was going through Mackenzie's clothes I found that outfit and thought, damn we better get a pic of her in this before she's too big for it too. I think I waited about 2 months too long for that because I had to squeeze her in. 

I mean look at how tiny that is on her!!

I thought it would be a good idea for Austin to put his jersey on. (This is his third Blue Jays jersey/shirt if you count the one Mackenzie is wearing) Of course I had to get some pictures. What a cute Old School and New logo pic.

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  1. Mackenzie's shirt is sooo cute! Even if it is a bit tiny!


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