Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New blinds!

They are finally up!!!!! We talked about buying new blinds. One blind was falling apart because it was old and cracking, one had a fight with a friend's dog and lost, and the other lost the fight to my 3 year old. Every day they were looking worse and worse. I was afraid out house was looking like "that" house.
Sick of waiting for Dave to go buy blinds, I went to Rona and bought some. Now, here is where I brag. They had 2 color options. White and Espresso. Espresso was way too dark for our living area, white was going to have to do. I load all the blinds into the cart and walk away. Then I find.... The clearance rack. All the right sizes in a beautiful Cherry color. (however they were way too long, but that was fixable) All cheaper then the white ones. Score!!!!!
I brought them home and they sat in the toy room. And sat. And sat. Last week I was annoyed and decided to put them up. I unpackaged one, tried to read the directions... Then closed the box back up and waited for Dave. haha!
Today he finally put them up for me. I love them. So pretty.
So, the before pics
Aren't they just a sight of beauty? I mean the far left one doesn't even have a stick to turn the blinds to open them.
And the afters.
The color of the blinds match the front window trim almost perfectly and match our couch so well.

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