Monday, November 11, 2013

Pre-Halloween festivities

Our first Halloween event was trick or treating at galaxyland. Austin did it last year and loved it. So off we went

These two would not stop all afternoon, so we ended up with lots of blurry shots. Sigh. At first Mackenzie didn't really understand. We would stop at the treat tables and she didn't get it. Then I gave her the sheet to hand over. Well she loved that. She would march up to the table and put her paper down. She didn't really get that she was supposed to collect a treat until the last of 8 tables. 

And we even found some crayons that worked there!

So, our costumes. Originally Austin was going to be sulley, Mackenzie was going to be boo. I was going to get Dave to be mike and me Celia, but Dave had to work. And they don't make boo costumes anymore. So I bought fabric to make a boo costume.

Then, I went on the hunt for a sulley costume. I checked all 4 of the pop up Halloween stores in Edmonton, and had them call their other locations in the city.  They carried 2t, 3t, and then size 4-6. Or I could go with a men's large/xl. If I wanted to go girl sulley I could  get sizes between toddler and adult. I scoured eBay, amazon, costume express, everywhere. No one had a sulley costume between size 6 and men's large. We live in Alberta, it's cold. We need costumes to go over snow suits. We could get away with a 6 inside but not over a coat.

So we went to the Halloween store one night and we walked through the store. Austin's favorite colour is green. Everything has to be green. So when he saw he could be a green crayon, he was excited! (This is after I did say no to him being chucky) I thought I would check on toddler sizes. Sure enough they had one Mackenzie's size. However only in blue. We decided to get them. Mackenzie wouldn't take it off in the store and walked around wearing it. 

I even picked up a costume for me in a moment of Halloween spirit.  After dropping a ridiculous amount for 3 costumes we were all set for Halloween.

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